Aleksandar Nikolic
Kristian Nese

Session: Azure Automation and OMS: Better Together


Many users have looked at Azure Automation as almost isolated Azure service and wanted better integration with OMS. They wanted Automation runbooks to become a part of OMS solutions, and better logging within Log Analytics for Automation tasks. The days of waiting are over. We can know get OMS solutions created by Microsoft based on Automation runbooks and DSC configurations (or we can create our own, custom solutions). With announced support for Bash and Python runbooks, it's very clear that the position of Azure Automation has changed and it's now a foundational capability required to deliver end to end management across hybrid clouds running Windows Server and Linux.

Room: CUST 1.02



Aleksandar Nikolic

Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP

Aleksandar Nikolic is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, a Microsoft Azure MVP, a co-founder of, and a community manager of Aleksandar is also a Microsoft Azure Advisor and Insider. Aleksandar is experienced presenting and speaking to Microsoft customers, and is skilled with describing complex management and automation tasks even to beginning and novice users and scripters. Aleksandar has more than 17 years of experience as a system administrator. He also delivers PowerShell and Azure training courses around the world and is a frequent speaker at Microsoft conferences. For the last couple of years he's been working closely with Microsoft Azure PowerShell and Azure Automation teams providing feedback and influencing design of Azure automation solutions. You can find him on Twitter ( and LinkedIn (

Kristian Nese

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft (AzureCAT)

Kristian is working on the AzureCAT team, engaging with large organizations world-wide, to unblock them and achieve the things we've never heard of before. Specifically, Kristian is focusing on DevOps & management at scale, with Azure Resource Manager and Azure management services.