Magnus Mårtensson

Session: Keynote: The Cloud – what it was, what it is, what it will be

Let’s sprint from the beginning of the Cloud, walk past today and muse about the future of this the greatest IT-migration in the history of our industry – the move to the Cloud

Room: CUST 0.01

Developer, IT-Pro, Cloud Architect


Magnus Mårtensson

Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP

Magnus is Founder/CEO of Loftysoft a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional. He is a consultant, tutor, process coach, technical lead and an international speaker. Some of his passions include connecting with audiences and organizing online and global conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure Bootcamp. As the first Azure MVP in the Nordic countries in 2012 he was awarded MVP of the year. He is also an Azure Insider, an Azure Advisor and an ASP.NET Insider and is a go-to person for Microsoft regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. Magnus has been a consultant for over 1½ decade and has the maximum possible experience time consulting on the Azure Platform.