Aleksandar Nikolic

Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP

Aleksandar Nikolic is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, a Microsoft Azure MVP, a co-founder of, and a community manager of Aleksandar is also a Microsoft Azure Advisor and Insider. Aleksandar is experienced presenting and speaking to Microsoft customers, and is skilled with describing complex management and automation tasks even to beginning and novice users and scripters. Aleksandar has more than 17 years of experience as a system administrator. He also delivers PowerShell and Azure training courses around the world and is a frequent speaker at Microsoft conferences. For the last couple of years he's been working closely with Microsoft Azure PowerShell and Azure Automation teams providing feedback and influencing design of Azure automation solutions. You can find him on Twitter ( and LinkedIn (

Session: Azure Cloud Shell: Your Admin Machine for Azure

Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, browser-based shell for managing Azure resources.
It improves productivity by enabling automatic and secure access to a preconfigured workstation on Azure.
Cloud Shell offers PowerShell and Bash experience today. You don't need to worry about installation of your tools and authentication to Azure. Microsoft maintains and updates Cloud Shell on your behalf with commonly used CLI tools. You can work in Cloud Shell from everywhere; all you need is a browser and access to Azure. Join us to learn about this new and exciting way to interact with Azure resources. Cloud Shell makes working in Azure Portal cool again.

Session: ARM + DSC: Build Your Azure Infrastructure like a Pro

Both ARM templates and PowerShell DSC configurations represent the declarative model where we describe what we want instead of using the "old" imperative approach. ARM templates enable idempotent deployment of Azure infrastructure resources; PowerShell DSC configurations enable idempotent configuration management of VMs. Combined, with the help of Azure DSC VM extension and Azure Automation DSC, they give us a full declarative solution to build our environment and provision our VMs. In this session, you'll learn how to provision and manage your Azure infrastructure using code.

Workshop: Automating Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solutions

The Azure Portal is a great management tool for your Azure resources. People like clean, modern-looking, and easy-to-use graphical interface. However, when you start working on more complex IaaS solutions that involves a number of Azure resources, you will quickly realize that GUI wizards don't scale. Automation is a key to fully embrace what Azure IaaS offers in a consistent and optimal manner. It saves time and increases the reliability of regular administrative tasks. In this workshop, you will learn how to create and scale the most common IaaS services, and how to automate the manual, long-running, error-prone, and frequently-repeated tasks that are commonly performed in a cloud. We will focus on using VM extensions, Azure PowerShell, CLI 2.0, Azure Cloud Shell, Azure Automation, Azure Automation DSC (with connection to OMS solutions), and ARM templates.

The workshop includes a variety of practical exercises after each presentation.

Workshop Objectives
After completion of this workshop you will have a solid understanding of how to automate provisioning and management of virtual machines, set up networking, manage virtual machine storage, and some of the common VM extensions using different automating technologies in Azure.

Workshop Audience
IT Professionals and developers who want to automate provisioning and management of Azure Virtual Machines and related IaaS resources.


Price for workshop: DKK 6.900 (ex.VAT)

Price for workshop and conference: DKK 7.300 (ex.VAT)