Ben Hall

Founder of Katacoda / Ocelot Uproar

Ben is the founder of Ocelot Uproar, a company focused on training and building products loved by users. Ben enjoys looking for the next challenges to solve, usually over an occasional beer. Ocelot Uproar recently launched Katacoda (, an interactive learning environment for software engineers. Tweets at @Ben_Hall and blogs at

Session: Scaling Docker Containers using Kubernetes and Azure Container Service

The Azure Container Service offers simple deployments of Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration solution, designed to help manage running containers at scale. In this session, Ben will demonstrate the benefits of deploying Containers to Kubernetes and how to ensure your system remains reliable and scalable by building on top of the Azure Container Service.

Topics and discussion points will include:

  • Introduction into Containers
  • Scaling considerations
  • Deploying Kubernetes
  • Migrating Application to Kubernetes and Azure Container Service
  • Scaling to meet application demands

By the end, attendees should understand the benefits of using a Container Orchestration system, where Kubernetes fits into the eco-system and how it can be combined with the Azure Container Service.

More information on Kubernetes and Azure can be found at