Brian Nielsen

Enterprise and Cloud Architect at Crayon

Brian Nielsen is working as an Enterprise Architect in Crayon Consulting with Cloud as a specialty. Crayon A/S is perhaps still best known as one the largest licensing partners in Denmark, and Crayon Consulting is helping customers achieving their business goals and getting the most out of the Software and Services the buy, including Microsoft Azure.

His work ranges from the broader EA perspective on assessing Infrastructure and planning migrations, to estimating new workloads, optimize existing workloads down to hands-on with deploying and managing Cloud Solutions. Having a background as a developer on a range of platforms, hes enthusiastic about the Dev-Ops option that Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure has enabled for any and every one.

He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

Trivia: started working in the Cloud business back in the 90s as a weather forecaster.

Session: Program and Licensing Options for buying Microsoft Azure – how-to move from one to another

There’s only one Microsoft Azure (sort of), but several ways to purchase Azure from signing up online, via an Enterprise Agreement or a Cloud Solution Provider. In this session I’ll present the different options and describe some of the differences, including pricing and billing.

Getting from one program to another one can be anything from very easy to cumbersome, depending on several factors including tenancy and features.