Filip S. Adamsen

Principal Software Engineer at AskCody

Filip is part of the development and infrastructure teams at AskCody.

Session: AskCody's journey from IaaS to PaaS

Somebody else's responsibility: Our journey from IaaS to PaaS

When we started using Azure at AskCody in late 2013 we hosted everything on Linux VMs. Azure VMs are great, but they are basically your responsibility: They're not maintenance-free and scaling can be tricky depending on the workloads you want to run on them.

Fortunately for us, Azure offers several services that take care of maintenance and scaling for you. Moving from IaaS to PaaS can however be difficult and we faced a number of challenges along the way, including:

- Breaking up a large monolithic platform into smaller, decoupled services

- Deploying a large Symfony PHP application to App Service

- Migrating cron jobs to Azure Scheduler and Azure WebJobs

- Moving assets to Azure Blob storage


During this session we'll talk about our journey towards using the following Azure services including our considerations, challenges and learnings:

- Azure App Service

- Azure Bot Service

- Azure Cosmos DB

- Azure Database for MySQL

- Azure SQL Database

- Azure Scheduler

- Azure Storage

- Azure WebJobs and Functions