Jesper Falkebo

Chief Architect, e-conomic

Session: *** SESSION CANCELLED *** e-conomic's path to Azure: Moving a traditional SaaS offering to the public cloud *** SESSION CANCELLED ***

e-conomic is Denmark's most used SaaS ERP - an offering with a traditional heterogeneous architecture, most of which is based on .NET, and currently hosted in a private cloud.
More than a year ago, we decided to move our application to Azure to reap the benefits of the public cloud. However, moving an application that was not initially built for this can be quite an undertaking when having to keep the 100,000+ paying customers happy along the way!
In this talk, we will share our thoughts on moving e-conomic to Azure, touch on the challenges of moving a 'legacy' application to the public cloud, and talk about the choices we made with regards to implementing database sharding as part of the project.