Jesper Jensen

Azure MVP, Consultant at solvo it

Jesper is an Azure MVP and consultant at solvo it, with a strong focus on infrastructure and all the moving parts around it. Part of his job is architecting and implementing Microsoft based clouds, be it public, private or hybrid. Always striving to optimize and automate processes, so he can focus on the fun things. When not in front of the computer, time is spent with friends, family and football.

Session: Infrastructure-as-Code from an IT Pro point of view

IaC is often used in DevOps scenarios, and "ops" is sometimes forgotten in those cases. Come see this session to learn how IaC has helped save me, my colleagues and our customers time. You will get insight to a world where redeploying a server is a no-brainer, and you have time for all the fun stuff you really want to do. Azure Resource Manager, PowerShell DSC and OMS is the perfect combination of tools get there. There will be code, but it's code from an IT Pro!