Kristian Nese

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft (AzureCAT)

Kristian is working on the AzureCAT team, engaging with large organizations world-wide, to unblock them and achieve the things we've never heard of before. Specifically, Kristian is focusing on DevOps & management at scale, with Azure Resource Manager and Azure management services.

Session: Azure Managed Applications

Today, Azure provides a robust Marketplace where ISVs and start ups can offer their solutions to customers around the world. Azure Marketplace is a gallery that consists of hundreds of complex, multi-resource templates from first and third-party vendors. Customers can within minutes deploy and start using PaaS and SaaS applications. Although it provides a great way to quickly deploy an offering, the customer is still responsible for maintaining and updating the solution. For vendors, there is no way to charge customers for use of an application beyond the virtual machine image billing. Furthermore, vendors have no way of preventing customers from modifying critical application resources, and no way to block access to intellectual property that makes up an application. Azure Managed Applications provides a solution for these concerns.

In this session, we’re going to create and publish a managed application, and demonstrate how you can manage, update and continuously deliver value to your customers, running your application in Azure.