Magnus Mårtensson

Microsoft Regional Director, Azure MVP

Magnus is Founder/CEO of Loftysoft a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional. He is a consultant, tutor, process coach, technical lead and an international speaker. Some of his passions include connecting with audiences and organizing online and global conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure Bootcamp. As the first Azure MVP in the Nordic countries in 2012 he was awarded MVP of the year. He is also an Azure Insider, an Azure Advisor and an ASP.NET Insider and is a go-to person for Microsoft regarding Enterprise Cloud Consulting. Magnus has been a consultant for over 1½ decade and has the maximum possible experience time consulting on the Azure Platform.

Session: Azure Functions

In the age of the Cloud we have almost grown accustomed, or even weary at times, of paradigm shifting technology promising gold and green forests. And here is another one – Serverless Compute. It was in fact Amazon who coined the term for their popular Lambda service. Microsoft’s retort is that they did in fact plant the seed for the concept with “Simple Batch” aka. WebJobs. Azure has now followed suit in the Serverless wave with Azure Functions a very competent and interesting service with full hooks into the Platform and all other services that live there, such as VSTS, Logic Apps and much more. We developers, architects and DevOps can dig into the spoils of the battle of the giants and enjoy a new paradigm which will make us much more effective developers at a fraction of the cost! The Cloud breaths innovation in every breath. The advent of Serverless Compute certainly is one such energizing advance!

Workshop: Azure Resource Management Wizardry

2-day course on essential Azure skills. Author © Loftysoft Magnus Mårtensson. Recognized as Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Azure Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

When going to the Cloud many things remain the same. Other key things are new or have changed quite a bit. You are at the Cloud cross roads and want to be very effective using the new and shiny tools in the Cloud!

You probably recognize some or all these concerns: How do I handle my new environments in the Cloud? How do I deploy to Azure in a uniform, predictable and automatable way? How do I make sure I don’t get runaway costs in the Cloud because developers can now create anything they want? In fact, how do I know which service costs what in the Cloud and how do I divide the bill between departments and environments? How do we stay compliant and restrict only to the appropriate locations and services we need? How do I handle access to Cloud resources in a secure and effective way? How do I monitor my resources when they are running – is the site up and is it working?

Regardless if you are new to the Cloud or if you have been in there for a while my experience shows that most companies, developers and ITPro do mostly manual labor and generally do not know the method to be very effective using the new and shiny tools in the Cloud!

ITPro and Developers alike need the right core key skills in Azure where “DevOps” is the fashion trend. In the Cloud era, we need to cooperate even better to optimize what you want to achieve with Azure! All those who will be deploying, running, maintaining and developing vital applications on the Azure Platform should attend.

You will become fully in control of the powerful Azure Platform and take your business sky high with these new powers and work with confidence in Azure!

What you will learn:

  • Azure Resource Management and Azure positioning in the Cloud era.
  • Tooling, Scripting and infrastructure as Code.
  • Template Parameters, Variables and Functions to handle your environments in the Cloud.
  • Hands on Authoring Templates and other exercises.
  • Policies, Tagging, Azure AuditLog management to control access and cost spending.
  • Role Based Access Control and how that affects your work spaces and environments.
  • Azure DevTest Lab to speed up, have control and be effective!
  • Modern project efficiency with Application Insights, Load Testing in the Cloud and Continuous Delivery using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS).

The course is a set of presentations each followed by attendee hands on with each topic.


Price for workshop: DKK 6.900 (ex.VAT)

Price for workshop and conference: DKK 7.300 (ex.VAT)