Marilag Dimatulac

Solutions Architect, Dewise

Marilag is a Solution Architect at Dewise. She designs and develops web & mobile apps for enterprise. Recently, she’s been building industry-specific cloud applications that use Microsoft Azure, specifically Platform as a Service offerings, such as App Services, Cosmos DB & Azure AD. Her main interests are identity, integration, and architectural patterns & practices. She’s been in software development for 15 years and counting.

Session: Building Global Scale Applications with Azure AD

Who are your users and how will they sign in to your app? This is one of the first things that you need to get right when building your application. And if your app also connects to different services, such as the Microsoft Graph API or other SaaS applications, then the experience should be seamless while the implementation should be secure & simple. Global scale apps require a heavy-duty identity system. And the best ones should make life easier for developers so they can focus on features and sleep better at night.

In this session, you will understand why you need an enterprise-grade infrastructure, like Azure AD, to manage user identities. You will also learn about authentication protocols, relevant business scenarios and the libraries that you can use in your code, when integrating web & mobile apps to Azure AD.