Mark Rud Christensen

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence Consultant for Inspari with 5 years’ experience working with the Microsoft BI stack. 

In the last couple of years Mark has specialized in Azure as a Business Intelligence platform with a focus on Iot and "big data"-technologies.

He has dev experience in Azure services such as Iot Hub, Stream Analytics and Data Factory. 

He has skills as an Azure architect with a good understanding of strengths and weaknesses of available services related to Business Intelligence and SQL Server.

Currently he is strengthening his competencies in getting insights from data in Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

Session: IoT with Azure

This session will cover a real world example of an IoT solution in Azure. Using services such as IoT Hubs, Stream Analytics, Azure SQL Datawarehouse, Time Series Insights and Power BI data flows from telemetry devices to the front-end.

The session begins with an illustration of the data-flow and an introduction to the services used. The session then walks the audience through a demonstration of the solution covering the major steps from source to front-end.

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