Viktorija Almazova

Security Architect

Cloud Security Architect for Cloudworks with experience more than 10 years in security. She spends all her time working closely with developers and architects to make security built in from design level. She is a big supporter of making security as culture and shifting security to the left. Viktorija believes that empowering developers and architects in security tasks by helping with education will increase security level without increasing additional workload.  

During free time she deep dives into Azure security, development, identity and access management.

Session: Getting in cloud securely - how challenging it can be?

Public clouds aren't more buzzword anymore - they are reality. Companies moved or are moving their solutions into clouds for several reasons: costs, power and flexibility. Together with cloud movement DevOps culture came as main in development, which gave more freedom for developers, but at same time more responsibility. Clouds came also with security challenges for developers. How to land application securely in Azure? How to protect resources? And finally how to be complaint with all compliance like GDPR?

During session you will find out how to handle administrative control, how to protect data, how to make good perimeter security for solution in Azure, how to protect solution on application level by hardening headers, implementing WAF and how to use monitoring features from Azure to detect attacks. How to deploy securely. And finally how to be complaint with GDPR at same time!