Yves Goeleven

Solution Architect at Particular Software

Yves has been shipping enterprise and cloud software since 2001. He is specialized in the design of distributed software systems in the cloud using messaging. He works as a Solution Architect for Particular Software (NServiceBus), where he is responsible for all Azure related transports, persisters and hosts. This includes Azure storage services, service bus, cloud services and service fabric. He is one of the first to be awarded as Windows Azure MVP by Microsoft and has been reawarded for the last 7 years.

Session: Deep Dive into Azure Storage Services

Ever wondered what an Azure service looks like from the inside? In this session I will take you on a deep dive into the Azure Storage Services and provide you with more insight in how this service has been built. We'll have a look at storage stamps, replication, fault-tolerance and much much more. Knowing the internals will help you make optimal use of Azure Storage Services in your designs.

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Session: Events: The secret to building large scale, distributed, cloud applications

I've been designing large scale, distributed, cloud applications since the dawn of the Azure platform. One of the patterns that keeps recurring in many of these designs is the 'event'. In an event-driven architecture, a microservice publishes events when something notable happens, such as when it makes changes to a business object. Other microservices, potentially deployed at the other side of the planet, subscribe to those events. In response to an event the subscribed service typically updates its own state. In this session I will introduce you to the world of events and all event oriented design patterns such as event processing, event sourcing, event projection, and much more...

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